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Administration in Gandhidham

Admimistration in Gandhidham
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Gandhidham, located in Kutch District in the state of Gujarat, is the administrative headquarters of a taluka of the same name. While the local administration is looked after by a Mamlatdar posted here, the actual administrative control is held by the District Collector posted at Bhuj. In addition, the town has a municipal committee to take care of its civic needs, a court to settle all litigations at taluka level, police force to take care of law order situation etc. Let us now look into the functions different branches of administration working for the welfare of the citizens of the town.

Mamlatdar in Gandhidham

As we have already said, Gandhidham is the administrative headquarters of a taluka of the same name.  It is therefore, directly administered by a Mamlatdar posted here. He represents the district administration in the taluka and is required by law to work in close contact with the masses and learn about their problems and aspirations. If you need any help, you may contact him in person at the following address:

Office of the Mamatdar
Sector 1A
City: Gandhinagarth tn
Pin Code:  370201
Phone No: 02836-250270
Mobile No: 09427234111

Prant Officer in charge of Gandhidham

The Prant Officer in charge of Gandhidham is posted at Anjar, a town located at a distance of 16.2 km from here. He exercises the power of the sub divisional officer and holds the post of the Deputy Collector and the Sub Divisional Magistrate. He coordinates the work of different departments and supervises the work of local self government bodies under his jurisdiction. If you need any help you may contact him at 02836-243345.

District Collector in charge of Gandhidham

The District Collector is the senior-most administrative officer in the district. He is posted at the district headquarters Bhuj and controls the administrative work from there. The Mamlatdar Gandhidham is directly responsible to him and works under his guidance. 

The District Controller represents the state government in areas under his jurisdiction and is responsible for the well being of the people living here.  Disaster management is also other of his duty. In case of any necessity you may contact him at the following address:

District Collector Office
Mandvi Road,
Near Mota Bandh,
City: Bhuj
District: Kutch
Pin Code: 370001
Telephone No: 02832-250650, 02832-250020
Fax No: 02832-250430
Mobile No: 09978406213
Email Id:

Municipality in Gandhidham

Gandhidham also has a municipal committee to look after its civic administration. Known as Gandhidham Nagarpalika, it provides all kinds of civic amenities to its citizens and to do that, they have divided the town into 14 wards. Each of these wards is represented by councilors elected by the people. In case of any necessity you may either contact your local councilor at the local ward office or contact the Nagar Palika directly at the following numbers:

Phone No: 02836-231610
Fax No: 02836-233288

Court in Gandhidham

Gandhidham, being a taluka headquarters, houses the Taluka Court. The new court building is located at DC 5 on GJ SH 46 in Adipur area and functions under the District and Session Court, located at district headquarters Bhuj. If you need any information under Right to Information Act you may contact the following persons:

Public Information Officer
Principal Senior Civil Judge
Phone No: 02836-280203

Appellate Authority
3rd Additional District Judge
Phone No 02836-280223

Labor Commissioner in Gandhidham

In addition, Gandhidham has a Labor Commissioner posted here. His job is to settle all kinds of labor disputes. His office address is as follows:

Plot No 109, Sector 1 A,
Near Old Court
City: Gandhidham
Pin Code: 370201
Telephone No: 02836-231312

Police in Gandhidham

Gandhidham is the headquarters of the Eastern Division of Kutch District Police and consequently the police force in Gandhidham is headed by a Superintendent of Police. His office is located at DC 5, Adipur, close to Gandhidham Court.

Police Station in Gandhidham

However, in case of emergency, the norm is to contact the local Police Station. Following is the contact details of Gandhidham Police Station and Adipur Police Station:

Gandhidham Police Station A Division
Police Station Road
Railway Colony
Ward No: 12B, Sector: 1A
Pin Code: 370201
Phone No:  02836 232 500, 02836-260-615

Gandhidham City Traffic Police Station
Sardar Patel Circle
National Highway 8A
Pin Code: 370201

Adipur Police Station

Rambagh Road
Ward 6A, Adipur
Pin Code: 370205

Fire Station in Gandhidham

Gandhidham also has a fire station located conveniently in the centre of the city. In case of any emergency you may contact it at the following address:

Gandhidham Fire Station
Sardar Patel Bhawan
Rotary Marg,
Off Rabindra Nath Tagore Road
Pin Code: 370201
Phone No: 02836-270176

Post Office in Gandhidham

The Head Post office in Gandhidham is located in the Sector 8. It belongs to the Kutch Division under Rajkot Region. The Pin Code for this post office is 370201.

Disaster Management in Gandhidham

It is to be noted that the entire district of Kutch is prone to natural disaster like earthquakes, tsunami and cyclones.  In fact, Gandhidham was one of the worst-hit places during the 2001 earthquake. In addition, the Kandla coast was severely hit by 12 ft high Tsunami during the 1945 earthquake. Fortunately, the government is very much aware of the problem and has taken several steps to meet such emergencies on war footing.

The District Controller is required by law to take the first step in case of any natural or manmade disaster. Therefore, in case you find yourself in any adverse condition, do not hesitate to call him or any of his subordinate officers posted here.

Emergency Numbers to Remember

Following are few other emergency numbers that one should take note of
District Helpline: +91 2832 1077
District EOCs Helpline No +91 2832 250650
Commissioner of Rescue & Relief: 1070

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    sree from gandhidham 478 Days ago

    Dear Sir, I would like to bring to your attention few things for Gandhidham city development Development of roads within Sapnanagar, Oslo, Sathwara till Gandhidham city is required. Drainage system to be repaired lot of cows and bulls in Sapnanagar which are very dangerous for local residents and very disturbing at night time for cars parked outside,there should be some arrangement to remove the bulls from society. near the Durga maa Temple there is huge land which is gated , why it is gated when asked some one informed its declared as garden as per Kandla port trust. want to know if its declared y there is no garden in society, i need garden there not some one to enjoy the government money by mis declaring. Traffic system is worst in gandhidham , all traffic men are busy standing n doing nothing and any vehicle passes by anyways they want. , no rules and regulations for safety of people neither the person who is driving nor the one who is walking.. inspite of traffic signal its doest work Y, Y no body following traffic light, y there are no penalties imposed in order to educate people, if uneducated should not allow them to ride vehicles there should be separate lane for 4 wheeler, separate lane for 2 wheeler and path way for walking people. .every society should have proper location to put garbage, and swach bharat people should lift the dustbin themselves and replace its with clean once every day instead of house hold people come out and put the garbage themselves into the van. sapnagar is having too many street dogs which keep running behind the 2 wheeler the moment they start moving its dangerous and chances of getting into accident are there so reduce the street dogs, move them to some place where city council can take care of excess dogs. also too many mice and rats due to every where cow dung, garbage and food thrown openly in society, proper bioards in gujarati can be written and place near dustbin so people can read and follwo and at the same time can educ

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    devrathfrom sapnanagar 244 Days ago word says a lot, city is opposite of its name, there is no gandhiraj in gandhidham

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    Baxi Hemalkumar Vijaykumar from Ahmedabad 1130 Days ago

    Our online payment of property tax bill not credited till date as we have paid through gandhidham nagarpalika portal on 1 2 Sbi bank .

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