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Culture Expanse of Gandhidham

People of Gandhdham have different beliefs, different occupations and belong to different religions but they are one as Kutchis. People of Gandhidham, typically called Katchis, are very religious people. They start their day with the worshipping of God and they are known to lose their lives to fulfill their promise.

Culture of Gandhidham

Cultural Influences in Gandhidham

After the Independence of Pakistan, many Muslim migrants settled in Pakistan, while a minority of Punjabi and Hindus migrated to India. Hindu Sindhis were living in Pakistan’s Sindh province amicably. Nevertheless, after independence, because of the sudden influx of Indian migrant Muslims’ incursion and sense of insecurity prompted Hindu Sindhis decided to leave Pakistan. They also had dreams of a better future in India. Nearly 770,000 Sindhi Hindus migrated to India, according to the survey held in 1951.

Now the responsibility of rehabilitation of Sindhi Hindus was to be handled by Govt of India. On request of Mahatma Gandhi, Maharaja of Kutch donated 15,000 of land to Bhai Pratap who founded Sindhi Resettlement Corporation to rehabilitate Sindhi Hindus who were resettled in a new township called Gandhidham. Because of strong presence Sindhi Hindu in Gandhidham, it has a very diverse culture. There is a lot of impact of Sindhi Hindus on the culture of Gandhidham.

Religions in Gandhidham    

Gandhidham has a mixed population of local Hindus, migrated Sindhi, Jains and Memon Muslims. T Besides, the people of Gandhidham comprise different tribes and ethnic groups. The peace-loving Jains form a considerable and significant part of the population of Gandhidham. Their presence is symbolized by various Jain Temples and Jain Teerth which is centuries old. Bhadreshwar Temple and Modhera Sun Temple reveal the age-old rich culture of Jain religion. Their simple religious principle Ahimsa was used by Mahatma Gandhi against the British. The people of Gujarat are so polite in conversation that they use the word of ‘Bhai’ (brother) or ‘Ben’ (sister) after the name of the person they speak to. Kutchis and Sindhis are involved in business enterprise.    

Memons are a cultural group that is originated from the lower part of Sindh which is near the Indus delta region. They are valued Muslim Entrepreneurs, humane and civilized in the Indian subcontinent and virtually everywhere. Memon are well known for being honest, meticulous and pioneering that resulted to their commercial achievements.

Languages Spoken in Gandhidham

Undoubtedly, Sindhi language is most widely spoken in Gandhidham. Locals speak Kachhi language which is very similar to Sindhi language, but it has borrowed some vocabulary from Gujarati, because Kutch district is geographically between Gujarat and Sindh. Many Kuchis speak Gujarati, Sindh & Kutchi because of their proximity with Gujarat and Sindh of Pakistan.Kutchi is also understood by memons of India and Pakistan as the grammar of both the language is same with the little difference of words.

Costume of Gandhidham    

Abhas, this beautiful garment has become a vogue among the fashion conscious women across the globe. It is the traditional outfit of Kutch region, delicately styled and intricately embroidered. This Kutchi garment has a history of multicolored and exhilarating as the garment. A woman clad in abhas, the traditional costume of the Khatri, and Memon and Korja Muslim communities of Kutch is a spectacle to watch. In ancient times the women wore the abhas embroidered with beautiful tie-dye designs, zari thread embroidery

Handicrafts of Gandhidham    

Gandhidham boasts of export of handicrafts that are widely accepted. Handicrafts made up by granite. Sandstone and marble are exemplary. Wooden handicrafts and teak wood logs are also exported from Gandhidham to the developed countries.

Festivals in Gandhidham

Gandhinagar enjoys almost every festival in complete vigour and fun. The major festivals celebrated here, are Deewali and Navratri. The city decks up long before the festival. In October-November months, during Navratri days, the entire city enjoys celebrating by singing, feasting, eating and dancing to the tunes of lovely garba songs. They dress up in varied colors and dance around performing certain traditions and rituals associated to the festival.

The city organizes a number of events in open grounds as well as in auditoriums.

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