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Welding and machining

S.s material
5000 / 1 nos +18% gst
Bakery shafts are used in the baking industry to rotate dough mixers, conveyor belts, and other equipment. Over time, these shafts can become damaged or worn, which can affect the performance and reliability of the equipment. Welding and machining are two processes that can be used to repair bakery shafts.
Welding involves fusing two pieces of metal together using heat and a filler material. In the case of bakery shafts, welding can be used to repair cracks, breaks, or other damage to the shaft. The process typically involves cleaning the damaged area, preheating the shaft to prevent warping, and welding the damaged area using a welding machine. The welded area is then machined to restore the shaft's original shape and dimensions.

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